Harima Kenji is the male protagonist, a delinquent who has changed because she loves Tenma. He believes that knowing Tenma changed his life.

Although he does not practice any specific martial arts style, few people are able to match him in hand-to-hand combat.

Everytime Harima finds the courage to tell Tenma his true feelings, something happens in order to prevent him from doing so.

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after this Valentine's day
Saturday, February 15, 2014

They look amazing -- especially Tenma-chan. She doesn't age. I've been traveling a long time, but Tenma-chan looks like I just left her yesterday. I'm so glad I decided to visit them. But when Yakumo-imoutosan asked what the flowers were for, I laughed nervously and stammered. As much as I wanted to confess, I bombed. My mind just blurted out that they're for decorations. And the chocolate are just tokens or gifts for my visit.

We chatted a bit in the living room. I wanted to catch up on the things and the happenings that I've missed. It was hard not to sweat and not to get nervous during that time. Nerves of steel, Harima. Nerves of steel. When we stumbled on a dead end in our 'conversation', I bailed out. I looked at the clock and said that I had to hurry coz' I had an appointment. I wasn't even specific, and I didn't even try to be vague, I just told them I had to go because I had an appointment. An appointment to keep cool and avoid looking stupid.

Yakumo-san insisted that I would stay a bit longer. But I insisted that I go. In my mind, a glimpse of hope shimmered when I thought of inviting or suggesting we could go somewhere -- like for a movie, the mountain hotsprings, etc. When I turned around, imouto-san cut me off and said that she's available Sunday. I didn't even know what she meant. But I think she's implying that I can visit them on Sunday.

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hit a wall
Friday, February 07, 2014

I can't explain this slump I'm having. I don't know why I've lost interest in doing anything all of a sudden. Maybe I just need a break? But for how long? Have you had that feeling where you want to feel useless? I have that feeling right now, when I just don't want to do anything. Nothing at all. It's lazy on a major scale. It's that bad. And I don't care what others say. It's how I currently feel. And I'm wondering where the inspiration went. It's like my spirit has become tired.

Perhaps it's a fear of anticipation. I know the feeling of being busy. And I don't want to feel that feeling for some time. I've been so preoccupied with life that I burned out, that I strained myself, and I don't want anything to do with productivity anymore. But this is all an assumption, because my life is pretty much normal. I get the feeling that I've gotten tired of the monotony. I also can't get any satisfaction in life. I have no motivation to come up with something creative and refresh my life. Have I become too cynical? Too negative perhaps? Or maybe I'm just insane.

How am I depressed? After all of these? I have friends, I get by everyday, and I have a life. I should be happy in life. But there's something missing in my life.

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harima's log : afterwords afterwards
Friday, February 15, 2013

I don't know why I even bothered, but I really just wanted to call Ojo-chan and thank her for the chocolates this past Valentine's Day. I called Tenma-chan too. I would never have forgotten to do that. Actually, I called Tenma-chan first. But when I called Ojo-chan, she asked me if I was doing anything this weekend. I said that I had no plans and that's when it hit me. Before I could reply, she insisted to meet at 10am on Sunday. She hung up right away. What's on her mind? I don't know what she's thinking or what she wants. I felt that I'd feel stupid if I called again. So I didn't call. It would also feel silly and I don't want to jerk her leg. So whatever. I don't have anything planned that day anyway.

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harima's log: the chocolate story
Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's day. A day with many interpretations. It can spell as bliss or it can be dreadful. However, for people like, that don't care, it only means Thursday. HOWEVER! If I were to receive chocolates from Tenma-chan, I'm set for life!

A man can only dream, huh? "And it's already 10:39pm..." I heard my doorbell. "Who is it? I-Imouto-san?"

"H-Harima-san, kombanwa. I just came to drop these."

GASP! DON'T TELL ME! MASA KA! "M-matte... are these choco--?" Imouto-san nods. There's two boxes! I tell ya' I turned around and wiped my tears for a good 3 seconds.

"A-arigato! Please look forward to something special for White day!"

"Iie. No need, Harima-san. Thank you for looking out for me."

I feel so speical. "Whether these are obligatory or not. I really feel special right now."

"Y- you don't have to look at them that way."

"P- please. Come in."

She carefully bowed and goes in. CRAP! This is the first time I let a woman inside my apartment! What if she gets the wrong idea?! B-but I have to be accommodating! She's Tenma-chan's sister and she made the whole trouble of getting me these chocolates and bringing them over when I wasn't even expecting them!

I showed my drafts to Imouto-san and she said that they look awesome. She said that my style was improving. Good to hear.

I heard the doorbell again. When I opened it, I never would expect her. If I wasn't wearing my sun glasses, she would've seen how my eyes were surprised.

"Ojo-chan? What is it?" is what I asked.

"Here. Bye."

"Wait! What is-- Chocolates? WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! Come on, let me say thanks at least."

"No need. Looks like you're busy with someone."

"What are you talking about? Don't you recognize Ten-- I mean-- Tsukamoto-san's younger sister?!"

"That's why I didn't want to bother both of you this Valentine's day." she argued.

"Why are you? Look thank you very much. Won't you come inside for a bit?"

"And two time?! No!"

Two time? "What? Two time?"

"I'm going. I just wanted to drop the chocolates anyway. See you."

When I come back, "Sorry. Ojo-san dropped by and gave me these. She was acting really stubborn. Anyway, I'm really happy." and we chat a bit about manga. She said that she's also interested to see how the readers will react to my upcoming project. 2013 is looking really great right now.

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harima's log : the better way
Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't know whether I should make a steady living making mangas. I mean, they have it hard and people don't know how difficult it is. Even new mangakas don't know how it's hard to make a living like this. But what should a delinquent do?

Oh yeah! I finally moved out of my cousin's apartment. OH YEAH! It's the best moved I made in years. So I can pay my rent to my new apartment, I started taking part-time jobs; even that stupid Santa job since it's almost Christmas. It's weird how I always meet that rich ojo whenever I'm in the stupid Santa suit. I bet she was on her way buying something fancy again. Rich people have it easy. She said that she read my manga. And then she left. I didn't even ask about it. But she told me what she thinks about it. Snub.

I've been telling Tenma-chan's imouto that she can take a break from helping me. But her imouto insists that she would help. She says that it's fun and that she's fine with how things are. She even told me about considering being a mangaka as well.

"Iie iie! Imouto-chan! There's gotta be a better way! I mean you're not meant for his hard work. Think about your body. Girls need to stay pretty and get their proper sleep. Leave the manual labor to the men." I said.

"But Harima-san, who's going to make the shojo mangas?"

"It's not that--" Ugh. I can't really tell her off, can I? "I'm just saying... don't you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a--" then she looked up.

"I think as long as I'm with the person that I like, anything's fine."

"Su- Sugoi. How straightforward." I clapped my hands.

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waiting for a pulse
Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's getting hard to travel these days. I was planning on making a oneshot Christmas story. I think I can pull it off. It's about this guy who's finally reunited with is girlfriend. However, he was just in time when his girlfriend was boarding the airplane; her flight was during Christmas day. The last panel ends with a the girl smiling. So it's an ambiguous ending. Just like my ending. I don't want to wait in vain. Sigh.

I'm afraid that I'll have another cold Christmas. Sigh. Mou! I want to be with Tenma-chan this Christmas. Or I just want to spend some time with her this Christmas! My eyes are crying blood and my heart is going to explode. My inspiration's sucked out from the inside and out. I'm always wanting and longing to see her. And this eggnog is horrible! Who put this on my fridge?!

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